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About Haust Collection

- The Short Story -

The year is 1999, Janne and Kristoffer Haust decided it is time to create their own adventure. Because who doesn’t love a challenge? Already a year later they presented a complete collection of outwear by Haust.

Lets go back in time. In the late 90’s the couple were on a trip to Portugal visiting a friend. At this time they owned and operated a fashion store in Drammen, Norway. They were tired of the boring outwear that was dominating the marked in Norway, so their friend brought them to a Portuguese manufacturing factory she knew. The couple got inspired by all the different colors and the exclusive qualities they offered. However the styles didn’t fit the Scandinavian woman very well. Therefore Janne got the opportunity to make her own styles, and who wouldn’t follow up on that?
Janne became the designer and Kristoffer took care of the administrative. Without any relevant education it was learning by doing. Like I said before, who doesn’t love a challenge? Together they build the brand Haust. As time went by the demand got bigger and the product assortment got wider, it was time to hire more people to share this adventure. Today the company has a strong competent team, they like to call the Haust-family.

From the start the design has been concentrated around the Scandinavian woman and exclusive qualities as it is today. The couple travel around the world to secure and maintain their good relationship with all the manufactures and to keep up on the coming trends so that the costumers will love the products as much as they love the work.
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